Name Title Email Phone 
Viveca Williams-Glover Principal  [email protected] 201-585-4640
Marrietta Golenischew Secretary [email protected] 201-585-4640
Aben Lee Nurse  [email protected]  201-585-4640
Aimee DeSheplo  Guidance/
Anti-Bullying Coordinator
[email protected] 201-585-4640
Jaime Antifonario  Media Specialist  [email protected]  201-585-4640


School Three is an active and progressive community-based school with a faculty, staff, parents and community members who contribute to an educational and social environment that focuses on academic pursuits, multicultural activities, self-esteem, respect, citizenship, and environmental issues. Our focus and goals are to continue to grow, and educate the heart as well as the mind.  Instruction is offered in all subject areas with varied methods and assessments to maximize individualized learning.  School Three has rigorous academic standards in place to maintain a high level of success for all students. Teachers encourage the daily use of critical thinking skills, responsibility, collaborative and cooperative learning, and good decision making in all aspects of our students’ learning experiences.