School #3 Media Center

library library
to our Media Center page at School #3.   The place I have always felt is the heart of our school.  A place where we not just come to weekly for class, but a place that makes us SMILE when we walk in.  A place where we can  openly SHARE ideas with our friends and co-workers and EXPLORE things that make us feel excited to LEARN about. A place where we can use our IMAGINATION and CREATIVITY to create new objects.  A place we can HELP others and BUILD on various ideas.  A place we can embrace our LOVE of READING.  

Our library program is here to support and enhance activities that go on all throughout our school.  Collaboration is the key and our Media Center is here to assist in any way we can.  Areas of focus during our weekly library class are exploring our book collection, reviewing a variety of author websites, library use strategies, typing skills, coding, digital citizenship, STREAM activities, research skills, and working together.  Above all, my main goal is always to share my love of reading to help our students find theirs.