Little Free Library
 Little Free Library                    Little Free Library

The 2015-2016 National Honor Society students at the Fort Lee High School were kind enough to make us our very own "Little Free Library" posted in the front of our school. This is a little free library, constructed and painted by the students, that holds books for kids to borrow and is open every day of the year, all hours of the day and night. Feel free to open up the door anytime you may like to borrow and read away. It is managed on an honor system though, so please be sureto give a book when you take a book tokeep our supply alive. If anyone would ever like to donate other children's books to our collection, please feel free at anytime... just place them inside our box. If you would like more information on "little free libraries" or to see the nationwide locations of them, please visit Click here for Little Free Library Info. Happy sharing and reading.