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Overdrive Ebooks

I wanted to share an exciting addition to our school library. Our district has started an eBook collection using the OverDrive database. OverDrive is our online platform for eBooks and audiobooks offering popular new titles, downloadable to Chromebook, Kindle, iPad, and other readers and devices.

Once logged in, students can start reading at school and continue where they left off on their device at home. Older children are able to borrow chapter books and high-interest nonfiction. Parents and teachers can also log in to allow younger children to view and listen to read-alouds.

Below is how to access the site. You may go directly to: and follow these directions:

  1. Once at the Fort Lee OverDrive site, please click “Sign In”

  2. Enter your child’s 8 digit ID number (provided below) as username and then Enter ID number again for the password.

  3. Once logged in, your child may browse and borrow up to three books. I ask that students only borrow one book at a time as these titles are shared by students in all four elementary schools.

    1. If a book is already borrowed by another student, you child can “Place a Hold” and it will appear in their checkout account once it is available.

  4. Go to “Account” to read books. Please choose the “Read in Browser” option and enjoy!

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I hope that your child enjoys this new feature of our school library! Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or issues you may encounter with the website. Happy Reading! Coding/ Computer Programming We recently spent time in library class exploring to allow kids to practice how to code and learn why it is important to have a better understanding of how computers are programmed and how computer games "come to be". Kids were encouraged to go home to continue their practice and exploring. The sites listed below are other resources they can use to continue their practice and interest:

Little Free Library
The 2015-2016 National Honor Society students at the Fort Lee High School were kind enough to make us our very own "Little Free Library" posted in the front of our school. This is a little free library, constructed and painted by the students, that holds books for kids to borrow and is open every day of the year, all hours of the day and night. Feel free to open up the door anytime you may like to borrow and read away. It is managed on an honor system though, so please be sure to give a book when you take a book to keep our supply alive. If anyone would ever like to donate other children's books to our collection, please feel free at anytime... just place them inside our box. If you would like more information on "little free libraries" or to see the nationwide locations of them, please visit Happy sharing and reading.smiley
Library Media Center
Our library is the home of our computer lab, which connects students to our on-line catalog system (Destiny), printers, a large screen TV, DVD player, Smart Board, and all the wonderful books we offer our students.  Check here for any upcoming events in our Library Media Center. 
Library Policies
Each class comes to the library once a week for a 40 minute period.
Each 40 minute period consists of a book exchange and some sort of literacy engaging activity.
Each week, students may borrow a book of their choice, but should return the book the following week.  New  books cannot be taken out, if old books are not returned.  Students are always welcome to return a book any day after their library period if they forgot to bring it back on their day.  Once a book is returned, students are able toget a new book.

If a student needs or wants to keep a book longer than a week, they should still bring it back with them to library class so the book can be renewed.  

Weekly literacy lessons include anything from thematic book studies, author studies, responses to read alouds, library skills, research skills, and computer use.  

Each student is asked to have a library folder that is kept in the library to keep all assignments and activities organized.

All students who borrow books, are responsible for the care and return of their books.

Reading Buddies
Reading Buddies is a program that connects a younger class with an older class. The paired classes meet once a month to engage in any kind of literary activity that is created by the corresponding classroom teachers and library teacher. Interested classes are paired with a partner from the other class and work together each session. Students, from both classes, enjoy seeing each other and equally benefit from the program. The younger student enjoys showing their older peer all they have learned to do while the older student enjoys guiding their younger peer to learning new things and showing responsibility. Participating teachers and students enjoy bringing their classes together on their monthly visits!!