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Creating Positive School Environment Through Class Meetings
Grades 4 - 6 will begin holding weekly class meetings.  The purpose of these meetings is to help students learn cooperation, mutual respect, responsibility and social skills.  At these meetings, students will learn how to give compliments to each other, help each other and solve problems.  Students who are having interpersonal issues or conflicts may place the problem on the class meeting agenda, where it will be discussed by the class and a resolution reached.  Research has shown that these strategies have had a positive impact on school climate.  We are excited to get started on this new initiative.


I am sincerely honored and humbled to have been chosen as the Educational Service Professional of the Year at School #3.My journey at School #3 began in 1989 when my first child entered the second grade. From the moment I walked through the doors, I felt a warmth and fellowship unlike any other. That feeling has remained throughout both of my children's schooling and during my time as a paraprofessional. To date, I have spent 19 years working as a paraprofessional and have had the privilege of working with hundreds of children, spanning every grade level.
Educating a child as the lead teacher or support is am incomparable experience. Each year, with every new personality comes challenges and successes; all proven to have enriched my life. Fort Lee has provided me the opportunity to grow personally and professionally, and for that I am grateful. As the years go by, the faces may change, but School #3 remains constant with its welcoming spirit and familial affection. Year after year, our school provides a second home to the children of my neighborhood, the same neighborhood I had the privilege of raising my own children in. I am honored to be a part of such a wonderful school community, continually working to prepare the children for a successful future. I look forward to remaining part of School #3 in the years to come.



I am very proud and humbled to have been chosen 2016-2017 School #3 Teacher of the Year. I was born in The Dominican Republic and moved to the United States when I was twelve years old. Since I was a young girl, I always knew I wanted to become a teacher. I greatly appreciated the help I received from my ESL teachers to learn English. I received a Bachelor of Art in Elementary Education and Spanish from New Jersey City University, and I earned a Master of Science in Elementary Reading and Literacy from Walden University. As a teacher in Fort Lee since 2007, I have most enjoyed working with children from all different backgrounds, and seeing the growth of my students over the course of the school year.

School #3's Family Reading Night

Cozy Up With a Good Book

During our Family Reading Night!   
 All Students & Families are invited …

Join us on
Thursday, January 19, 2017

from 6:30 to 8:00 pm
The School #3 Title 1 program is presenting their first Family Reading Night.  A presentation will be given on how to effectively use our interactive ebook collection followed by a talk on how to help children elaborate on their thinking while reading.

After the presentations, parents and their children are invited to read together. Everyone should wear their coziest pajamas, and bring blankets and a book, for this great night of reading and cocoa for everyone!


Committee Members: Gabrielle Anconetani & Jaime Antifonario

Click here to view presentation


Elementary Schools
All Elementary make- ups May 2-May13
Wed, April 19: ELA Unit 1- Grade 3 & 4 (90 mins)
Thurs, April 20 ELA Unit 2- Grade 3 & 4 (75 or 90 mins)
Fri, April 21 : ELA Unit 3- Grade 3 & 4 (90 mins)
Mon, April 24:   Math Unit 1 - Grade 3 & 4 (60 mins )
Tues, April 25:Math Unit 2- Grade 3 & 4 (60 mins)
Wed, April 26: Math Unit 3- Grade 3 & 4 (60 mins)
Thurs, April 27: Math Unit 4- Grade 3 & 4 (60 mins)
Fri, April 28:   ELA Unit 1- Grade 5 & 6 (90 mins)
Mon, May 1: ELA Unit 2- Grade 5 & 6 (90 or 110 mins)
Tues, May 2: ELA Unit 3- Grade 5 & 6 (90 or 110 mins)
Wed, May 3:   Math Unit 1 - Grade 5 & 6 (60 or 80 mins)
Thurs, May 4:     Math Unit 2- Grade 5 & 6 (60 or 80 mins)
Fri, May 5:   Math Unit 3 - Grade 5 & 6 (60 or 80 mins)
Mon, May 8:     Math Unit 4- Grade 5 (60 mins)
All Elementary make- ups May 9 –May 16
*all dates are subject to change
Jump Rope for Heart
Jump Rope for Heart is the week of 10/17 in PE class.

Please remember to check your email and sign up to give a donation and collect prizes.

School No. 3 School Anti-Bullying Coordinator

Meghan Lynch, Guidance Counselor
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